Computer HELP!

We offer over 30 years of experience solving computing problems with IBM PC's, Apple Mac's and Microsoft Office suite of software.

We come to your home or office to fix your computer or Internet problems, computer training, telephone support, remote access, computer repairs and up-grades.

We offer advice on how to get the best out of your home network devices, securer your Wifi and recommend entertainment storage solutions for your digital media downloads, videos, music and digital photos storage.

We like to repair your computers on-site where possible, but there are times when the computer needs to be taken away to be fixed. Once we have repaired your computer we will returned and set it up again.

We treat you data like gold, while we take every precaution to ensure that none of your valuable data is lost we recommend that you backup your important files before we take it away.

Are you getting back into the work force or just need too brush up your computer skills to get that new job, we'll train you with the latest programs and skills needed today in business.

Is your computer running a bit slow? We can give it a spring clean by removing all the junk files and spyware that build up over a period of time.

Is your once fast computer running so slowly now? Sometimes you can't afford to buy a new one, but we can up-grade some parts in your old computer without having to spend a fortune.


Computer HELP!

Are you:-

  • A family or small business that needs computer advice or support?

  • In need of upgrades and/or security and virus protection and/or removal?

  • Having Wifi or Internet access issues?

  • frightened of iPads, iPhone and other Android mobile technology?

  • need some one on one computer training?

Friendly, local, experienced help is at hand for to fix your PC or Mac.

  • Reasonable rates.
  • Based in Doncaster.
  • No job is to small.
  • Friendly prompt and reliable service
  • Over 30 years of computer experience
  • Data privacy respected

Here some more services we offer:

  • Digital video and photography for web, print and video
  • Photo and Video editing
  • Slide and negative scanning service


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