Would you like your own business web site?

Well we can help you create a great web site design, help promote the site and manage your site at a reasonable cost.

Web designing is a broad term covering many different skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites.

The different areas of web design we cover include; web graphic design, interface design, authoring; including standardised code and search engine optimization.

As a web designer you have to an awareness of usability and function of the site along with web accessibility guidelines. We keep up to date with latest trends in mark up and allow for many different devices that access your site.

Our web site design process starts with a sit down, face to face to discuss the propose of your site, what you want it to look like and get any content like logos, wording, graphics or photos you want to use.

Whether this is a face lift on an existing site or completely new site concept, the process is a little different. We embody the latest technologies like QR codes and environmentally friendly paper saving print formatted CSS style sheets for your site like the examples below.

Print Formatted Pages


When we are creating a completely new concept, we like to start by having a chat about what your aims are for your new web site. The first thing is to find a business domain name that works for you and some where cost effective to host your new site.


Then its a matter of having a look at your current paper based materials, photos, your logo, the colour scheme used, type faces used and the amount of content you what to include. Now its our job to see how best we can present it.


As a part of this creative process we can generate other types of advertising materials to have a continuity with your new site. These include the following business cards, Facebook cover, pull tab ads and flyers.

Business Card

Facebook Cover Photo



A face lift on an existing site starts with a detailed look at the current site, its navigation, the colours used in the logo, amount of content including text and images.

We look at how well the search engines find the site and competitor sites then look at organic ways we can improve the current ranking with spending any more money. Then we like to sit down and have a chat to see where we can help improve the current site.

We started the new Van Eyk site face lift by improving the appearance of the logo, and then deciding on a colour scheme base around the blue in the logo.

Old Site

Looking at the old site above, it had some serious structural problems with the navigation and the main body text.


This was the original logo artwork we received to work with. We had to clean up artifacts before improving it, giving it some depth and shadowing.

vaneyk.net site

The new Van Eyk site has a very clean HTML code with all of the formatting magic done in the CSS style sheet making any future changes much easier.

Facebook Cover Photo

We made the Facebook cover photo from a montage of a number of images.

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