We provide a number video services ranging from shooting small promotional clips, editing your videos from a variety of sources, uploading clips to youtude and linking them to your sites.

This client came to us with a video of their Daughter riding the horse they wanted to sell, the feed was transferred from a Sony DV Disc camera VOP files format and converted to an avi format then edited down to 10 minutes before it could be uploaded to youtube.

Warren came to us with a herbalife promotional video from a major training event and we shot and edited together our own footage then converted it to a low quantity small file size mobile format, then uploaded to youtube.


This was just for a bit of fun at Christmas, I recorded my notebook screen with a DV camera and just uploaded it to youtube.

Lucas stole Izzie's birthday lime light by spotting a bug on the cake which caused great laughter recorded with a DV camera and just uploaded it to youtube.

I took a number photos of this WWII BMW bike when we were in Bellagio Italy last year, when I spotted the guy getting on it and riding off, and all I had to record this clip with me was my Android mobile and then just uploaded it from the phone to youtube.