Construction company office move and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 domain deployment. These clients came to us wanting to separate they're computer systems from a shared office arrangement and move into a new office building just completed.
We recommended what was required for the wired network and micro managed the communications requirements with the help of Total Communications and Telstra Business.

After looking at their existing setup and talking to them about what their wanted, our proposal was for 4 new computers running Windows 7 Professional, a Domain Server for file sharing and Backup plus additional hardware and software to complete the move. Using only name branded products like HP, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Panasonic, Cisco and Fuji-Xerox.
One of the main jobs was to convert their POP3 E-mails accounts to IMAP accounts and synchronizing all their mail across Microsoft Outlook 2010, Apple iPhones and iPads was the most time consuming.

Then it was a matter of getting the new hardware installed with Windows 7 Professional OS, Office 2010 and then transferring the data off the old computers and configuring the new Workstations to be as close as possible to the way they were use too be in the new environment.


Contracted to Cullinan Consulting Group for 6 months as an ATM Kiosk Support Engineer. This was a hands on role primarily to refurbish, source parts, materials, test, deliver and install over 200 serviceable Money Gram Kiosks to 7-Eleven stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, providing desktop support, infrastructure maintenance and asset management.

Moneygram Kiosk

Pictured above is the Type II Kiosk which were pulled out of CES offices originally being used for Job Search. These kiosks were completely broken down, re-painted red and re-assembled.
The IBM MT-M PC's and touch screens refurbished with new components..

The Type I units were based around the IBM SurePOS 500 POS Systems were more of a purpose built space saving kiosk with they're own refurbishment requirements.


Working for Try Youth and Community Services Inc. as their IT Manager, I Established and managed the IT department, including managing day to day operations, mainly assisting staff to resolve desktop and networking issues. I also administered the Microsoft Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 Servers along with 4 Debian Linux Servers in a LAN and WAN sites. On occasion, this required that I supervise contractors.

Assisting clients at 4 childcare centres, 23 kindergartens, 3 regional programs and a head office with Microsoft XP and Office Professional 97, 2003 and 2007 systems.

I provided phone support for 100+ users in 5 different business areas over 50 sites. Created newsletters for members, flyers, promotional and advertising materials in addition photographing functions for TRY.